Paris scene via Seine

Paris scene via Seine. Always wanted to browse Paris while enjoying lunch aboard one of the floating restos that cruise the Seine. Haven’t had the pleasure — yet, maybe for want of just the right luncheon partner. Or maybe unconvinced that the not-inexpensive moveable feast truly will complement the incomparable passing views. A tough culinary assignment, after all . . . . For a low-cost but attractive alternative, pick up a well-made crêpe-to-go near the Notre Dame stop on the Bateau Bus, and take the last bite before disembarking by the Musée D’Orsay. Mais, oui — the Bateau Bus actually is an inspired alternative transport to Seined you from one great Paris destination to another. Buy a Bateau Bus day pass, or a two-day pass (19euros), even a year pass . . . What’s more, you can combine in one pass the BB and the Open Tour. Hop-on, hop-off, chéri.