30 ways to francofolie (follow me!)

National Blog Post Month. Thirty posts in 30 days as incentive (for me) to write daily, and try to post without tech help, daily, so I can learn to be more self-sufficient on GallicFever.  How do you say NaBloPoMo in French? Not to worry, the French wouldn’t name a shack NaBleauPoMeaux, let alone hang that handle on a chateau. But along with over a thousand of other WordPress writers — I mean, bloggers — I’m doin’ it. And like everyone else, I begin on 1 November, Day 1. But trust me, 30 ways are far too few to explore all the objects of my French passion. My francofolie. . . .

Francofolie artifacts, gifted by treasured Frenchie friends

Francofolie artifacts, gifted by treasured Frenchie friends

I could start by celebrating eleven or so of my treasured Frenchies, the best friends anywhere. The pair of parisiennes with whom I drank tea in Agadir, Morocco, sooo many years ago, and the French-Belgian couple I skied with almost that long ago in Zinal, Switerland.  But also the neighbors whose neighborliness warmed up a chilly Paris 1BR exchange apartment in the 19th arrondissement in 2012, and are putting up with me still.

Thanks to my ventures as a twenty-something to those Moroccan and Swiss Club Med’s, as well as to my forays over just the past few years into exchanging my NY apartment for various homes in Paris and Bordeaux, I pooh pooh that stuff about — oh, the French won’t invite you to their homes. They will, if you will.

Could bonding begin more easily away from everyone’s home base — over mint tea in Morocco or waist deep in thick, Swiss powder? That’s reasonable. But there are moments, too, on the fourth floor landing of your building that’s six or seven metro stops away from where the tourists swarm, when a neighbor will surprise you with more than a standard bonjour. . . and soon, it’s your turn to say come by for an American breakfast. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to parler francais. But don’t be surprised, either, at how often someone is thrilled to practice their English on you.

Belatedly, but in time for the New Year 2015, I figured out a better way to accomplish daily posts. At least on the many dates when I indulge in a French Culture rendez-vous. Often, I go to French film screenings, literary lectures, art shows, even concerts of French music (NB: you’ll find more affordable concerts in Paris than in NYC ). Now, just click on the dates you’ll find on the calendar atop this page — any GallicFever page — and I’ll take you with me! See you soon . . . .



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